uvex suXXeed safety glasses - strong. sporty. functional.

The uvex suXXeed safety glasses combine stylish good looks with comfort, fit, and protection.

The contoured wide-angle lens together with the low profile frame gives this spectacle a sleek, sporty design that fits multiple face shapes and sizes. The soft, flexible nose pad and dual-component soft-grip side arms deliver high levels of comfort while ensuring that during intense physical activity or when performing strenuous work, the uvex suXXeed stays where it should - in front of your eyes.

The inclusion of uvex’s unique supravision excellence coating technology ensures long-lasting fog-free vision, while the durable, scratch-resistant coating helps prolong product life. uvex UV400 provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation up to 400 nm for the eyes and surrounding skin helping to minimise long-term damage.


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uvex suXXeed – eXXtremely functional safety glasses

The uvex suXXeed provides extra protection from particles, dust and dirt with the addition of an optional clip-in frame.

Made in uvex

uvex’s pioneering lens coatings deliver the very best in German engineering. Developed in our own manufacturing facilities in Fürth, Germany, our lens coatings are permanent even after repeated cleaning. This offers great value for money and means you can get on with the job at hand without any distractions from your eyewear.

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strong. sporty. functional.

uvex suXXeed safety glasses with extrem cool look

eXXtremely cool look

Simply striking: the attractive, dynamic frame design noticeably increases wearer acceptance – and therefore safety in day-to-day working life.

Anti-fog and scratch-resistant: uvex suXXeed safety glasses

eXXcellent vision

Anti-fog and scratch-resistant: the improved uvex supravision excellence coating with proven UV400 protection guarantees a clear view in every situation.

uvex suXXeed safety glasses offer a comfortable and secure hold

maXXimum comfort

Ideal even for long periods of wear: the ergonomically shaped side arms with extra-soft temple ends offer a comfortable and secure hold at all times.

sporty safety glasses with soft and flexible nose pad

fleXXible nose pad

No slipping or uncomfortable pressure: the soft, flexible nose pad guarantees a perfect fit with maximum wearer comfort at all times.

sporty safety glasses fits everyone

eXXact fit

The perfect fit for the whole team: thanks to their ergonomic design, the spectacles can be adjusted perfectly to any head shape – guaranteeing even greater comfort and safety.

cool safety glasses with extra protection

eXXtra protection

For special challenges: the optional clip-in frame reliably protects the wearer during work that involves significant amounts of dirt and dust particles, for example.

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The uvex suXXeed is available with clear or grey sunglare lenses

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