uvex pheos nxt glasses | The Next Best PPE Safety Glasses

Our uvex pheos nxt glasses offer a combination of style and protection, making it the perfect choice for any workplace that requires PPE safety glasses.

With the constant advancements in technology, we have enhanced our glasses with innovative features that ensure maximum comfort and protection for users.

Read this article to discover why the uvex pheos nxt glasses should be your top choice when looking for PPE safety glasses.

Features of the uvex pheos nxt glasses

The uvex pheos nxt safety glasses are available in two distinct styles: the brown PC lens and the clear PC lens. Both options have remarkable features that make them perfect for PPE safety glasses. 

Let's have a look at these exceptional features:


1. Aesthetic Design

These PPE safety glasses are attractive, classic, and sporty. With white, black, blue or anthracite frame colours, you can easily match them with your work attire.

2. Good Grip

Individuals need reliable and secure PPE safety glasses in industrial and construction settings. The uvex pheos nxt glasses are designed with a focus on direction, featuring ergonomically shaped arms and soft ear pieces that ensure a comfortable and snug fit. This design prevents the glasses from easily slipping off.

3. Anti-fog & Scratch-resistant

With the robust polycarbonate lens and uvex supravision coating technology, these glasses are equipped to withstand scratches and fogging. The anti-fog coating inside ensures that your vision is not impaired by condensation while working in hot or humid environments, while the scratch-resistant feature outside guarantees a longer lifespan for the glasses.

4. Certified

These PPE safety glasses are certified under the safety standards EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 172 (sun glare filters for industrial use). Additionally, they offer UV 400 protection, ensuring 100% shielding against UV radiation up to 400 nm.

5. Improved Air Circulation

Our uvex pheos nxt glasses provide increased air circulation and climate-optimised wear comfort. With its innovative ventilation system, the glasses provide a comfortable microclimate around the eyes, minimising the risk of fogging your lenses.

With these excellent features, it is clear that these safety glasses are the next best thing in PPE. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they also provide unparalleled protection for your eyes. 

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