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As an innovative brand system provider with manufacturing expertise, we aim to offer our customers the best products for a wide range of workplace requirements. To achieve this goal, our uvex safety eyewear offers maximum wearer comfort, 100% UV400 protection and unique coating technology. At our main R&D and production facilities in Fürth, Germany, our experts proudly lead in the field of eye protection, from the plastic frame to the coated lens. The development of the right lens coating is essential when producing eye protection that is suitable for almost all workplace applications.

It all comes down to the coating

Looking through lenses that are fogged up, scratched or dirty significantly increases the risk of accidents during the working day. uvex has been synonymous with innovative coatings technologies for decades: In our centre of expertise in Fürth, we develop and produce scratch-resistant and anti-fog lenses for a multitude of applications.

The innovative coating technology makes uvex safety eyewear a reliable companion during day-to-day work – in a variety of applications.

uvex supravision extremeuvex supravision etcuvex supravision cleanuvex supravision variomaticuvex supravision infraduruvex supravision infradur plus
uvex safety goggles for high fogging loads and large amounts of dirt


  • durable, permanent anti-fog performance
  • coating forms a thin veil of water in humid environments without impairing vision


  • extremely scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and easy to clean

Area of application:

  • prolonged exposure to high risk of fogging and dirt

uvex safety eyewear with this coating

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Finding the right coating

Special working conditions also require special coatings for the lenses of safety eyewear.

The adjacent video demonstrates how to determine which uvex supravision Core Coating is right for you.

The decisive parameters for choosing the right coating are the prevailing temperature, humidity and level of contamination at the workplace.

uvex UV400

100% UV protection. 100% safety. 100% uvex.

The EN166/170 standard requires safety eyewear to provide UV protection up to 380mn. The latest scientific findings show that this is not enough. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends UV protection up to 400nm.

‘’The reasons why the WHO recommends UV400 protection are clear. The outer tissues of the eye, cornea and lens fully absorb UV light. While UVB light primarily damages the genetic material, UVA rays penetrate deeper, cause thermal damage, and magnify the effects of UVB light.’’

uvex UV400 – included in all uvex safety eyewear.

uvex CBR65. uvex CBR23 - Focus on fatigue-free, relaxed vision.

Preventive protection against blue light.

The properties of the uvex CBR65 and CBR23 lens technology are significantly different to those of uvex UV400. They filter high-energy visible light (HEV) – which causes particular strain on the retina in the range from 380 nm to 450 nm – by up to 50 or 95%.

Strain on the eye caused by blue light has increased enormously as a result of intensive use of electronic devices (PC’s, smartphones, tablets, LED TV’s etc.) and the switch from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs. The short-term effects of this include eye strain, headaches and poor concentration, while in the long terms there is an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration. uvex CBR65 and CBR23 reliably protect the eye against health risks without disrupting the body’s internal clock.


Contrast enhancement
Better contrast for clearer vision helping to reduce strain on the eyes – even in diffused light.

Bluelight reduction

Bluelight reduction
Blue light is reduced by up to 50 or 95%.

Relaxed vision

Relaxed vision
Ideal for high-concentration work; the eyes get less tired even when working for longer periods

65% transmission

Slight tint
Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for working in bright LED lights, for example.

23% transmission

Optimal protection against glare
Especially for working outdoors.

uvex pheos cx2 CBR65

uvex pheos cx2 CBR23

uvex super f OTG

Welding protection

A new generation of welding protection eyewear available with different grey-tint lenses and protection classes. The innovative technology affords protection from UV and infrared light while maintaining perfect colour recognition in line with uvex sun glare filters.

The special uvex infradur plus coating had anti-fog properties which prevents the inside of the lenses misting up and the extreme scratch-resistant on the outside keeps damage from welding sparks to an absolute minimum. With various welding safety spectacles and goggle solutions, there is something from everyone – enhancing comfort and the wearer experience.

N.B Do not use for electric welding 

N.B The products do not provide protection against laser beams!

uvex i-5 level 1.7

uvex i-5 level 3

uvex i-5 level 5

uvex super f OTG level 3

uvex super f OTG level 5

uvex ultrasonic flip up level 5

uvex megasonic level 5

uvex ultrasonic flip-up level 3

uvex suXXeed - strong. sporty. functional.

The uvex suXXeed safety glasses combine stylish good looks with comfort, fit, and protection.

The dynamic look, the prefect-fit geometry and the comfortable side arms leave nothing to be desired - wearer acceptance, comfort and protection are guaranteed. Even during intense physical activity and when perforning strenous work, uvex suXXeed stays where it should be be: in front of your eyes, for your protection. The inclusion of uvex’s unique supravision excellence coating technology ensures long-lasting fog-free vision, while the durable, scratch-resistant coating helps prolong product life. uvex UV400 provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation up to 400 nm for the eyes and surrounding skin helping to minimise long-term damage.

uvex suXXeed safety glasses with extrem cool look

eXXtremely cool look

Simply striking: the attractive, dynamic frame design noticeably increases wearer acceptance – and therefore safety in day-to-day working life.

Anti-fog and scratch-resistant: uvex suXXeed safety glasses

eXXcellent vision

Anti-fog and scratch-resistant: the improved uvex supravision excellence coating with proven UV400 protection guarantees a clear view in every situation.

uvex suXXeed safety glasses offer a comfortable and secure hold

maXXimum comfort

Ideal even for long periods of wear: the ergonomically shaped side arms with extra-soft temple ends offer a comfortable and secure hold at all times.

sporty safety glasses with soft and flexible nose pad

fleXXible nose pad

No slipping or uncomfortable pressure: the soft, flexible nose pad guarantees a perfect fit with maximum wearer comfort at all times.

sporty safety glasses fits everyone

eXXact fit

The perfect fit for the whole team: thanks to their ergonomic design, the spectacles can be adjusted perfectly to any head shape – guaranteeing even greater comfort and safety.

cool safety glasses with extra protection

eXXtra protection

For special challenges: the optional clip-in frame reliably protects the wearer during work that involves significant amounts of dirt and dust particles, for example.

uvex suXXeed clear

uvex suXXeed grey

uvex pheos nxt — grip. fit. vented.

The uvex pheos nxt combines a classic sporty design with comfort, lightness and optimum protection. The special design of the side arms is not just visually impressive: The directional structure ensures extremely good grip — even for demanding work.

The uvex pheos nxt is an appealing all-rounder and ideal companion for a wide range of working conditions.

uvex pheos nxt face protection, lightness and optimum protection

Innovative uvex side arm design

uvex safety eyewear must always fit perfectly, regardless of head position and how strenuous the work is. The innovative side arm design of the uvex pheos nxt ensures a reliable grip for a wide range of applications.

uvex safety glasses made in germany, uvex pheos nxt
uvex pheos nxt grip structure guarantees a secure fit even during demanding work

The grip structure guarantees a secure fit even during demanding work.

uvex pheos nxt flexible side arm twist technology, comfortable and pressure-free fit

The flexible side arm twist technology ensures a comfortable and pressure-free fit.

uvex pheos nxt maximum air circulation, safety glasses

The innovative side arm design allows maximum air circulation for climate-optimised wearer comfort.

uvex pheos nxt unrestricted field of vision, frameless lens design

Unrestricted field of vision thanks to the frameless lens design.

uvex pheos nxt, uvex supravision coating technology

Proven uvex supravision coating technology.

uvex pheos nxt Lightweight design for an even more comfortable fit

Lightweight design for an even more comfortable fit.

uvex i-range - sustainable. flexible. safe.

The uvex i-range eye protection glasses is our innovative versatile safety eyewear line with suitable products for a number of workplace hazards and environments. The face seal of the i-guard is made of recycled materials, which contributes to resource-saving and environmental protection - following our motto "protecting planet".

  • Large, flat lens delivers an unrestricted field of vision.
  • X-tended sideshield offers additional protection from hazards.
  • Side arms with multi-incline points allow for a high level of individualisation to ensure a good fit for all facial shapes and head widths.
  • Ergonomically shaped side arms provide a secure fit without pressure.
  • Robust polycarbonate lens with uvex’s proven supravision coating technology – permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens.
  • uvex i-guard: soft, flexible face seal adapts to the wearer, providing both protection and comfort. It also protects against droplets or splashes of liquids and large dust particles (markings 3 and 4).

uvex i-lite clear

uvex i-guard grey

uvex i-lite grey

uvex i-guard+ goggles clear

uvex i-guard clear

uvex i-guard+ goggles grey

uvex megasonic - visionary technologies at a glance.

innovative frameless lens design for unrestricted vision

The revolutionary frameless lens design of the uvex megasonic has an exceptional field of vision and delivers edge to edge crystal clear clarity - giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible. The generous internal volume and specially formed recess accommodates side arms for prescription spectacle wearers, delivering a comfortable stable fit and ensuring the same level of protection across the whole workforce.

Special features of the uvex megasonic

  • Revolutionary goggles with exceptional field of vision
  • Panoramic lens is approximately 20% larger than similar goggles
  • Unrestricted crystal clear clarity (optical class 1)
  • Ergonomic face piece and x-frame design delivers high levels of comfort and protection
  • Extremely soft and flexible seal adapts to all facial shapes
  • Unique frame design and generous ‘internal volume’ - fits comfortably over most prescription glasses ensuring a stable and comfortable fit
  • uvex supravision lens coating technology: permanent anti-fog coating on the inside and scratch-resistant on the outside
  • 30mm wide headband can be easily adapted to any wearer and is compatible with other items of PPE

uvex megasonic clear supravision excellence

uvex megasonic clear supravision ETC

uvex megasonic grey supravision excellence

uvex megasonic

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