Manufacturing expertise

We offer personal protective equipment from head to toe, with manufacturing expertise in all areas – and we invite you to judge our expertise.

We place the highest requirements on ourselves

Almost 80 % of our value added is generated in our own plants. These production plants are home to the latest technology, a huge wealth of experience and a passionate desire for product innovation, which is in many ways pioneering.

Strict quality management ensures that we meet the high requirements we have set ourselves and our products – all our plants are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Our own product development and a tight network of strategic partners help us to continuously create innovative ideas. Innovations – just as much as existing products – have to prove themselves in our own test laboratories. Only when a product exceeds all the requirements of the relevant safety standard does it earn the right to the uvex name.

Manufacturing expertise in head protection

Safety helmets

With our advanced expertise in plastics processing, we produce safety helmets and inner shells for bump caps in Germany. High-quality materials and on-going monitoring of all production processes guarantee the highest level of excellence for head protection products.

Head protection covers much more than helmets

Expertise in head protection also means thinking about areas where helmets are not compulsory, but where there is still a risk of head injury. This is why we have developed the uvex u-cap bump cap. The innovative arrangement of the plastic shell elements is inspired by the armadillo – and uniquely combines protection and wearer comfort.

Manufacturing expertise in protective eyewear

Safety spectacles

At our site in Fürth, we combine everything from safety spectacles and full vision goggles to prescription and laser protection goggles. In this unique competence centre for protective eyewear, we develop and produce, in accordance with strict quality standards, premium coating systems to enhance the properties of our eyewear – and to create high-performance premium products.

laservision – over 30 years of experience in laser protection

With the laservision brand and our product promise "WE PROTECT YOUR EYES", we also offer globally standardised cutting-edge technology in laser protection and laser safety spectacles – which we develop ourselves, produce and sell.

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Manufacturing competence in ear defenders

Hearing protection

The uvex range of hearing protection includes earplugs, banded ear defenders, earmuffs (safety headphones) and otoplastics. SwedSafe in Höör, Sweden, is our ultra-modern manufacturing plant for hearing protection with its own research and development department all under the same roof. SwedSafe has become one of the leading manufacturers of hearing protection in only a few years since it was established, thanks to its successful network of partnerships with known hearing protection specialists and its collaboration with testing facilities across the world. SwedSafe also sets benchmarks for environmental protection and sustainability. SwedSafe regularly sets the bar just that little bit higher in hearing protection thanks to its innovative drive and its own polyurethane foam that it developed in-house.

Value follows innovation

As a specialist in foam processing, SwedSafe continuously monitors and optimises earplugs and their material composition in terms of cell structures and homogeneity. This achieves optimal reset times and the best possible contact pressure. The many patents relating to earplugs that have been filed are proof of SwedSafe's innovative drive.

Manufacturing expertise in respiratory protection

Face masks

Progressive technology, unwavering commitment to innovation, maximum experience – with this winning combination, we produce ultra-modern respiratory protection with a clear eye for detail. Access to the entire value chain enables us to use and continuously improve high-end materials. With production processes under continuous development and strategic partnerships with selected producers, we achieve a leap forward in quality that our customers rightly expect from the uvex brand.

One-stop protection

As a producer of highly functional face masks and a global leader in industrial eye protection, we consistently co-ordinate our developments processes. For you, this means: at uvex, you get perfectly combinable respiratory and eye protection. No pressing. No slipping. Reliable protection in all conditions.

Manufacturing expertise in textiles

Occupational and protective clothing

We combine a wide range of textiles under one umbrella brand – from fashionable occupational clothing to customised system solutions via innovative protective clothing: uvex is a design, development and production expert in one location with an integrated system landscape and perfectly co-ordinated processes. With modern materials and plenty of know how, we make sure that in addition to reliable protection there's ample wearer comfort too.

Textile competence centre in Ellefeld

With uvex safety textiles based in Ellefeld, Germany, we cover innovative protective clothing solutions, as well as corporate fashion and individual clothing requests. We have a professional consultancy and development team comprising designers and textile specialists to support you from your initial idea through to delivery of your very own product – all from one source, including safety footwear, protective eyewear and gloves adapted to your corporate identity.

Manufacturing expertise in safety gloves

Safety gloves

UVEX SAFETY Gloves GmbH & Co. KG based in Lüneburg, Germany, is the competence centre for safety gloves. Production on-site ensures a high technical standard and short paths from manufacturer to user. Modern production and development, an in-house sewing department and an associated laboratory with extensive testing and application technology work hand in hand here. From developing innovative yarn blends to knitting and processing new coating formulations, we cover all processes in-house.

Value follows innovation

We are always listening to what our customers and the market are saying, but also to what is happening in sales and marketing, so that our solutions suit both the industry and individual employees. Our sophisticated innovation process has earned us (while still under the name of Profas) the title of "Top 100 Innovator of the Year 2013" in category B (50 to 250 employees) in the German top 100 company comparison – a title we could not be prouder of!

Manufacturing expertise in protective footwear

Safety footwear

With an ultra-modern shoe factory in Ceva, Italy, we have set ourselves the challenge of manufacturing technically demanding safety footwear at the highest level of quality and production in Europe and with short paths between development, production and delivery. The plant in Italy is able to manufacture safety footwear extremely flexibly with a very wide range of PUR and rubber outsoles. In a progressive technology centre at the company's headquarters in Germany, we work constantly on new pioneering ideas for our customers and develop sophisticated innovations.

Custom-fit safety for all

Our expertise in safety footwear doesn't stop at standard fittings: Individually produced orthopaedic inserts or ready-made safety shoes and boots mean that we can help people with a wide range of foot-related conditions to resume a normal working life.

Manufacturing expertise in the field of PPE

Individual PPE

Our Occupational Health division has been focusing on individual protective products for eyes, ears and feet for many decades. Basic research and development at Fürth, expert staff and on-going product optimisation are the basis for all our adapted protective products. Our high quality standards are safeguarded by costly certification procedures and stringent controls.

Adapted protection in three areas

  • Individual eye protection: everything from corrected computer glasses to high-impact goggles with prescription lenses
  • Adapted hearing protection: hearing protection ideal for people and for the noise pollution for both hearing impaired and hearing employees
  • Orthopaedic foot protection: certified orthopaedic foot protection as a customised insert or individually adjusted ready-made safety shoe/boot