Safety gloves for mechanical and chemical risks

In our wide range of gloves, you will find the perfect safety glove for a variety of applications – for all of our products, we pay particular attention to an excellent fit, as well as the required protective class.

uvex unidur 6659 GR safety glove

EN 388 (4 5 4 2); HPPE/fibreglass combination

uvex unidur 6649 foam OR safety glove

EN 388 (4 3 4 3); high resistance time

uvex unipur 6639 RD safety glove

EN 388 (4 1 3 1); excellent dexterity

uvex phynomic foam safety glove

EN 388 (3 1 3 1); natural tactile sensation

uvex unilite 6605 safety glove

EN 388 (4 1 2 2); lightweight and breathable

uvex unipur 6639 safety glove

EN 388 (4 1 3 1); dirt-resistant

uvex u-fit chemical protection glove

EN 374; robust and flexible disposable protection
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