How Certified Prescription Safety Glasses Can Save Your Sight on the Job

Certified prescription safety glasses ensure that set standards of safety, quality and durability are met. These glasses are highly recommended for workers who require vision correction while performing their job duties in hazardous environments.

If these standards are not met, there is a risk of eye injuries or vision problems that can significantly impact one's ability to work and overall quality of life.

In this post, we’ll discuss certified prescription glasses and how they can save your sight on the job.

What Is Certified Prescription Safety Glasses?

Certified prescription safety glasses are PPE (personal protective equipment) designed to:

  • Comply with RX (prescription) standards.
  • Meet DIN EN 166 safety standards.
  • Protect workers from hazards such as flying debris, chemical splashes, and other potential eye injuries.
  • Provide clear vision correction for those who require prescription glasses.

How Certified Prescription Safety Glasses Meet RX Standards

Prescription safety spectacles meet RX standards by being specifically tailored to the individual's vision needs. Each pair is custom-made with a prescription lens that corrects for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or other vision problems. This ensures that the wearer has a clear and accurate vision while completing their job tasks.

How Certified Prescription Safety Glasses Meet DIN EN 166 Standards

DIN EN 166 is a European standard that specifies the requirements for personal eye protection. Certified prescription safety glasses must meet these standards to ensure they provide adequate protection from potential hazards in the workplace. This includes impact resistance, optical quality, and durability.

Also, prescription safety glasses should have a label showing the maker's symbol, plus the month and year they were produced, in an MM/YYYY format. This indicates that they have been tested and certified according to DIN EN 166 standards.

How It Helps Save Your Sight On The Job

Certified prescription safety glasses can help save your sight on the job by: 

1. Prevents eye injuries: They act as a barrier against hazardous materials and particles, preventing them from entering your eyes.

2. Allows for clear vision: As a worker, clear vision while working with hazardous materials is critical. Prescription safety glasses provide vision correction, enabling you to see clearly and accurately perform your job.

3. Comfortable fit: Safety glasses are designed to fit comfortably for extended periods, reducing the likelihood of removing them while working.

4. Reduced glare and reflections: These glasses are customised to your prescription, which reduces glare and reflections that can affect your vision while working.

5. Long-term protection: Regular safety glasses may not provide long-term protection for workers with pre-existing eye conditions. Customised prescription safety glasses can provide consistent and adequate protection for these workers.

Examples of Certified Prescription Safety Glasses

At uvex, we have a wide range of certified prescription safety glasses that meet the set of standards. 

For example, our Plastic frame uvex RX CD 5524 Planet prescription safety glasses are perfect for you. The features of these certified prescription safety glasses include the following:

  • 38% castor oil base for the frame
  • Soft nose bridge & soft-shape comfort ear-pieces
  • Translucent colour
  • 53 mm lens diameter, 16mm bridge width
  • Adjustable
  • Certified eye protection to EN 166
  • Compliant with RX standards
  • Side and upper eye rim protection 

Save Your Sight On The Job Today!

Certified prescription safety glasses can help to protect your eyes on the job and prevent potential long-term damage.

Don't wait until it's too late to take care of your vision.

Contact us at uvex today and explore our range of certified prescription safety glasses to find the perfect fit for your job and your eyes.