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The protection of our hands – one of the most important parts of our bodies – requires high-quality safety gloves and custom-tailored service solutions. uvex safety protective gloves  are uvex's competence center for working gloves and it maintains the biggest safety gloves production in Europe. The majority of our gloves is "Made in Germany" and then shipped worldwide.

When working, our hands are constantly in direct contact with the objects and materials at our workplace. It is important to find the right occupational glove for the corresponding hazardous situation. There are many factors which must be taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate safety gloves.

The requirements for suitable work gloves change completely depending on whether your employees are doing delicate precision work or are operating heavy machinery, whether they are working in dry areas or wet or oily environments, whether they will come into contact with chemicals or are exposed to mechanical risks.

In our wide range of gloves, you will find the perfect safety glove for a variety of applications – for all of our products, we pay particular attention to an excellent fit, as well as the required protective class.

Featuring the unilite 7710F: Fully coated multi-purpose

Multi task use

Ideal for construction and metalworking industry, repair work, oil and gas, outdoor activities or dirty working conditions.

Ideal for oily applications

Sandy nitrile palm coating provides superior grip and abrasion resistance, ideal for dry, dirty, wet and oily environments.

Contact heat protection

Certified to EN 407:2004 (X 1 X X X X) for contact heat protection up to 100°C.

360° protection

Full flat nitrile base coating - 360° protection against moisture and water reaching the skin.

Dirt-resistant coating + mechanical abrasion resistance

The seamless nylon liner, full-surface NBR coating and grip finish to the palms of the uvex unilite 7710F safety glove make them ideal for dirty, wet and oily environments.

With a seamless 15 gauge Nylon liner, the uvex unilite 7710F provides excellent dexterity and comfort. The full flat nitrile base coating provides protection against moisture and water reaching the skin, keeping hands dry. The additional sandy nitrile coating on the palm of the glove provides good grip in dry, wet or oily environments as well as adding a high level of abrasion resistance. This makes the uvex unilite 7710F an excellent multi-purpose glove, but particularly ideal for oily and greasy applications. EN407 Level 1 certification giving contact heat protection up to 100°C, makes these gloves perfect for low risk contact hot handling.

Certified for mechanical and thermal risks

Protection against mechanical risks makes these gloves ideal for multi-use applications and for low risk contact hot handling.

Sandy nitrile coating

Additional sandy nitrile coating on the palms provides a good dry/wet/oil grip and also adds a high level of abrasion resistance.

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In addition to the uvex core range of products, uvex has partnered with HexAmor®, a North American based leader in safety gloves and exclusive licensee of SuperFabric® brand material. The company offers a range of unique and complementary solutions that combat industrial ultra-high cut, puncture, needlestick and impact injuries.

Featuring the HexArmor Helix® 2076

Cut resistance is in our DNA. It’s who we are. We’ve spent more than a decade solving the toughest problems other manufacturers said couldn’t be solved. Along the way, we’ve eliminated millions of hand injuries.

Designed for durability

Made to last through wear and tear with a sturdy palm coating and a reinforced thumb saddle that provides long-lasting, increased abrasion resistance.

Safe for sensitive skin

Reduce potential skin irritation with a skin-sensitive, REACH compliant, and silicone-free knit.

Unmatched seamless flexibility

Powerful knit combination creates a flexible feel for an extremely dexterous, comfortable glove.

Nothing is more important than the safety of people in their day-to-day work! This is why we at uvex are constantly developing our products based on pioneering technologies. The objective: Combining protection wearer comfort and relief in every product in the best possible way.

View the range of uvex safety gloves in South Africa:

uvex unidur sleeve C TL lower arm protection

uvex athletic lite assembly glove

uvex athletic allround assembly glove

uvex athletic D5 XP cut protection glove

Cut protection glove HexArmor® Helix® Series

uvex u-chem 3200 chemical protection

uvex profapren CF33 chemical protection glove
uvex profapren CF33 chemical protection glove

uvex profabutyl B-05R chemical protection glove. Stock on request


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