Different Types of Safety Gloves

Looking for the best glove to protect your hands and increase safety? Find out how to choose between various types of safety gloves here.


In a world where safety is paramount, protecting our hands from potential hazards has become an indispensable necessity. Whether we're working in industrial environments or engaging in heavy-duty tasks, safety gloves have emerged as the unsung heroes of personal protective equipment (PPE). Protection gloves, meticulously designed to offer a shield against various risks, come in a myriad of types, each catering to specific needs.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of safety gloves so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right glove for your needs.

Before discussing the different types of safety gloves, let's talk about SuperFabric® material and its protection. This type of fabric is a top-of-the-range material that is currently revolutionising the glove industry.

SuperFabric® Material

SuperFabric® is a type of fabric that is made up of tiny guard plates that help provide resistance against the harshest hazards. This protective fabric is engineered to provide optimum resistance to abrasion, cuts, or punctures without sacrificing dexterity.

SuperFabric® is a HexArmor® exclusively-licensed solution. It provides superior protection and meets the highest performance requirements for puncture, cut, and needlestick resistance.

With its comfortable and flexible fit, this glove is suitable for many safety-critical applications such as construction sites, assembly lines, food handling, and oil refineries. 

Now that you know about SuperFabric®'s protection, let's discuss the different types of safety HexArmor® gloves that contain this fabric.

Rig Lizard 2025X

The Rig Lizard 2025X are premium safety gloves with reinforced stitching and IR-X impact exoskeleton protection on the outside layer and SuperFabric® guard plates on the inner layer.

This glove is durable against cut, puncture, and impact risks and provides excellent grip, allowing you to easily handle wet and oily objects.

The glove also offers ANSI/ISEA Level A6 cut resistance, making it suitable for construction sites and the mining industry.

Needlestick Sharpsmaster II 9014

The Needlestick Sharpmaster II 9014 is one of the best needle-resistant gloves you can find in South Africa.

The exterior of the glove is composed of a cotton blend, whereas the inside layer features SuperFabric® material, which is highly proficient in needle resistance.

The cut and puncture resistance on the SharpsMaster II 9014 reached an ANSI/ISEA level 5, making this the ideal PPE for anyone working in industries with potential needles or sharp objects.

The types mentioned above of gloves are not the only ones available with SuperFabric®. There is a wide range of safety gloves in South Africa to choose from, including specialised models for firefighting, welding, and mining.

What Makes These Gloves Suitable For The South African Market?

According to Mining Safety, "hand injuries are the most common injuries referred for surgery"  in South Africa. Therefore, it is essential to have the right gloves on when handling hazardous materials as they can provide an extra layer of protection. With the Rig Lizard 2025X and the Needlestick Sharpmaster II 9014, you are guaranteed to have a superior level of protection

If you require protective gloves, contact us at uvex today. uvex and HexArmor® working together to ensure your safety in all kinds of environments.