Prescription Safety Glasses: Improving Working Environments

For those who are visually impaired and require prescription glasses to see clearly, working in environments that have potential eye hazards can be difficult. Previously, those who require prescription glasses would have to wear goggles on top of their normal glasses. This was extremely uncomfortable and even impractical. This discomfort also resulted in employees avoiding wearing eye protection technology, which left them open to injury. Luckily, a solution arrived in the form of prescription safety glasses. It was finally possible to manufacture safety glasses that already contained an individual's prescription.

In this article, we will discuss a variety of aspects of prescription safety glasses that have made them the perfect companion to those who struggle with their vision but still work in hazardous conditions.

Can I Get Safety Glasses With My Prescription?

Yes! If you require prescription glasses to see, you will be able to have prescription safety glasses made with your specific prescription already built-in. All you have to do is contact a provider and manufacturer such as uvex. This is a much safer and more comfortable option than trying to wear a pair of safety glasses or goggles over your normal prescription glasses. It is also a much better solution than trying to work without your prescription glasses. You might be able to wear normal safety glasses but you will be putting yourself at risk by not being able to see what you working on or potential hazards.

uvex Prescription Safety Glasses in South Africa

We at uvex have made sure to design and manufacture prescription safety glasses that are both comfortable and practical. We have also ensured to provide you with a variety of protection options. There are a multitude of lenses and lens materials available that can be chosen depending on your needs and the working environment.

  • Hard Glass: The uvex prescription safety glasses make use of hardened glass that has been modified to increase the textile strength. It has a mechanical strength of class “S”. This special glass also provides protection against chemicals, paint fumes, flying sparks, molten metal splashes, and hot solid projections.
  • Modified Plastic: We also make use of modified plastic known as CR39. The treatment used to modify the plastic increases its textile strength ensuring that it is a class “S” mechanical strength. It is also scratch resistant and is very lightweight. It is resistant towards chemicals, paints, and varnishes. CR39 has great optical performance even when paired with prescriptions. 
  • Polycarbonate: A priority has been placed on making use of organic materials for some of our lenses. One type of material that has been used for our prescription safety glasses lenses is polycarbonate. It has a very high impact resistance as the material is inherently soft. Due to this, its mechanical strength is a class “F”. We do also make a PC+ lens that is thicker in the middle for goggles that need to provide a higher level of protection.
  • HI Lenses: These lenses are made up of a variety of organic materials. Together they create a lens that is optically superior to the CR39 lens as it makes use of less material and has fewer curved surfaces. This lens is also thinner while maintaining a class “S” rating.
  • Trivex: This is an astonishing lens material that provides exceptional mechanical impact resistance. It is also very lightweight while providing fantastic optical quality and scratch resistance. This lens provides protection against chemicals, oils, cosmetics, and cleaning solvents.


Contact uvex safety South Africa to find out more about our prescription safety glasses range.