WEARABILITY - The key to head protection compliance


At uvex we know the best PPE is the PPE that is worn - which is why we design WEARABILITY into every head protection product we make. But what do we mean by that? WEARABILITY = Compliance. It’s PPE that doesn’t get in the way allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Ultimately, it’s the perfect balance of four main factors:

Proper fit
Poorly fitted safety helmets are not only uncomfortable, but they also won’t offer the right level of protection. The suspension harness should act like a shock absorber and allow a level of airflow. Adjustability ensures a secure, stable fit without discomfort, irritation or abrasion which can indicate incorrect sizing.​

All day comfort
Safety helmets should be ergonomically designed to ensure weight is evenly distributed, with a centre of gravity that supports a natural head posture. Without this, the helmet places additional strain on the neck and spine, inducing fatigue. The right level of ventilation can also affect comfort and compliance.

Product performance
In addition to fulfilling the required safety standards, premium details and tightly-nested accessories that work as a system can enhance comfort, versatility and compatibility with other PPE - helping to maximise compliance. Head protection should never stop a wearer form doing their job properly.

Modern style
It is possible to have high-performing, comfortable, properly fitted head protection in a style and design that appeals to the wearer. Lightweight and sporty looking PPE that looks and feels good is more likely to be worn, and customising hard hats with company logos​ increases a sense of belonging.

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Bump Caps

Bump caps of the x u-cap series are the number one bump cap when it comes to protecting against abrasions, impact injuries and the sun. The bump caps can be individually embriodered according to your needs. Also, the uvex u-cap safety hats offer high wear comfort and can be used in a wide range of operation purposes.

Whether you need a bump cap with short brim for a wider field of upward vision, a safety hat with high visibility warning colours according to EN 417, or a bump cap with integrated hard shell for reliable impact protection in accordance with EN 812 – the uvex u-cap series offers the right protection for your requirements.

Special features of the uvex u-cap bump caps

  • bump cap with an exceptional design
  • can be individually embriodered
  • reliable impact protection in accordance with EN 812
  • integrated reflective piping on the brim and textile component

In addition, the premium version of the uvex u-cap offers even more features:

  • flexible plastic shell adapts to different head shapes and sizes
  • continuous size adjustment using adjustable band
  • comfortable suspension harness for great functionality and maximum wear comfort


uvex u-cap sport

The ergonomically shaped hard shell with integrated shock-absorbing elements ensures safety and optimal wearer comfort.

Integrated shock-absorbing elements with honeycomb structure
The complete protective function in accordance with EN 812 is reproduced through a specially developed design with a honeycomb structure and integrated shock-absorbing elements.

Flexibility with armadillo design
With the armadillo design, the uvex u-cap sport has extra flexibility and adapts ergonomically to different head shapes and sizes. The extended ear section makes it easier to use earmuffs.

Continuously adjustable
The uvex u-cap sport can be attached to the head quickly and safely using the hinged Velcro fastening.

uvex climazone helmet ventilation

Keep a cool head at all times: The individually adjustable climazone ventilation ensures optimal ventilation. Three variable ventilation zones of the safety helmet can be opened or closed as you wish. The arrangement of the ventilation slots lets warm air escape, keeping a comfortable head climate in the safety helmet.

Innovative climate management from head to toe
The uvex climazone product system stands for climate management from head to toe. To do this, uvex has combined its expertise in research, material use and product development and is the only manufacturer of personal protective equipment to present a functioning climate concept, which is applied in an integrated approach across all product groups.

uvex head protection

Your uvex industrial helmet has been designed to protect against falling objects, swinging goods or contact with fixed but hazardous elements and conforms to EN 397 (industrial safety), or EN 12492 (mountaineering/climbing). A bump cap is ideal to protect against minor bumps and scrapes and conforms to EN 812. 

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