Overview of the Best Cut-Resistant Safety Gloves

The Helix® 2062 with Core9™ Technology is a premium cut-resistance glove that is suitable for all industries. With flexibility as a key feature, this glove makes use of a Core9™, which is a blend of fibreglass, steel, and 13-gauge HPPE to ensure its wearer has 360° cut-resistance. Designed with elastic knit wrists that prevents dirt and debris from making their way into the glove, and seamless construction, this glove is made for maximum comfort and breathability. Flexibility is once again the centre of this gloves design due to the sandy nitrile palm coating that has been implemented for both grip and abrasion resistance. Lastly, the Hi-Vis colour on the glove’s back-of-hand is not only stylish but ensures enhanced visibility and compliance.

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Performance Ratings

The Helix® 2062 with Core9™ Technology glove’s performance rating is off the charts with its TDM-100 Cut-Resistant EN 388:2016 level “F” with a test score wrestling in at 6437 grams. It is also rated as a level “A9” on the ANSI/ISEA Cut-Resistant Test. Both its puncture and abrasion ratings, tested by ANSI/ISEA came back as a level “5”. It is clear to see that this glove is the ultimate choice when it comes to cut protection.

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The Best Gloves for Cut-Resistance?

The Helix® 2062 with Core9™ Technology Glove

How to Care for, and Clean Your Gloves

There are a few important tips to keep in mind when caring for and washing your Helix® 2062 with Core9™ Technology glove. If these tips are applied, it could extend the lifespan of your gloves by up to 300%.

  • Washing: These gloves are machine washable; however, one should make use of cool water and wash them on a regular cycle. If you do decide to hand wash them, ensure that you make use of a mild and slightly diluted cleaner. Feel free to scrub the gloves while washing, but be sure to rinse them thoroughly afterwards.
  • Drying and Storage: It is important to never tumble dry these gloves; but rather hang them up to air dry (ensure this is not done in direct sunlight). Once dry, keep them in a temperate, dry and clean environment.

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Are Cut-Resistant Safety Gloves Worth It?

Without the correct cut resistant safety gloves, you could end up badly damaging your hands. To put this in perspective, up to 70% of workers who have badly injured their hands or fingers while working, did not wear the correct safety gloves when the injury occurred. It is imperative to keep your safety in mind when working in a dangerous environment. 

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