Excellent head protection

Safety helmets and bump caps from uvex have won several prizes and awards, including the following:

pro-K Award Gold 2016 for the uvex pheos helmet system

"Flexible protection across the board. Good handling and an ingenious combination of three functions: Head protection, hearing protection and sight protection" – this is how the pro-K Award 2016 judging panel explained why the award went to the uvex pheos helmet system.

The uvex pheos helmet system safety helmet and visor can be quickly and easily connected via a magnetic locking system. Both components are tailored to each other so that the weight of the helmet is distributed evenly across the entire head area, even when the visor is in use. The uvex pheos visor can even be used effortlessly for long periods of time, without causing any noticeable pressure marks. The polycarbonate visor system is lightweight and adds little to the overall weight of the system for added wearer comfort.

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pro-K Award Gold 2015 for uvex u-cap sport

The uvex u-cap sport bump cap received the pro-K award Gold 2015 in the "Outdoor" category. The judging panel's verdict: "A trendy solution to occupational safety – sporty head protection with a modern design".

The innovative uvex u-cap sport bump cap works without protective padding. Instead, shock-absorbing elements with a honeycomb structure are integrated into the hard shell, ensuring that forces are reduced to a bearable minimum.

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German Design Award Special Mention 2014 for uvex pheos

The uvex pheos work safety helmet received the German Design Award in the Special Mention category in 2014.

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iF Product Design Award 2013 for uvex pheos IES

The uvex pheos IES safety helmet received the iF Product Design Award in 2013. After working for more than 60 years at the interface between design and business, iF now organises one of the world's most prestigious design competitions. 

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