HexArmor® and uvex: protecting people

Since 2016, uvex have partnered with HexArmor®, the global leaders in extreme cut, impact, puncture and needlestick resistance hand and body PPE. The significant synergies between the two companies create tangible value added for our customers: together, uvex and HexArmor stand for trust, safety and protecting people.

HexArmor® is continuously striving to find ways to redefine the standards of safety. With breakthroughs in materials, design and functionality driven by real-world customer feedback, HexArmor® have been able to develop, test and refine its products directly in the field. These innovative developments have changed the way people view hand, and body PPE, resulting in award-winning gloves and body protection.

The HexArmor® specialist glove range features top-level cut, puncture and abrasion resistance - all purpose-built for a wide variety of hazards and applications. No matter the job (or the weather) we have the applicable grips, fabrics and materials that exceed the required standards and help keep you safe.
High quality products that workers feel good wearing means increased compliance, which in turn means less injuries and reduced costs.

SuperFabric® Protection from cut, puncture, and needle hazards

SuperFabric® brand material is a proprietary fabric created by a unique finishing process that configures tiny guard plates onto performance fabrics that help provide resistance against the harshest hazards. These protective fabrics are engineered for optimum resistance to abrasion, cut, punctures, and more, without sacrificing dexterity.

SuperFabric® brand material simultaneously incorporates a variety of protective fabric functions that no other known fabric can simulate. HexArmor® Personal Protective Equipment gives industry-leading cut, puncture, and needle resistance.

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Featuring the HexArmor® Rig Lizard 2025X impact protection glove

Needlestick Resistance

HexArmor® needlestick-resistant products work by layering flexible SuperFabric® brand material over each other; providing superior performance without sacrificing dexterity. SuperFabric® guard plates either block and deflect or trap and arrest needle hazards in the small gaps found between guard plates, keeping workers safe from needlestick injuries.

The prevalence of needlestick punctures in the recycling and waste industries, as well as the emergency services is steadily increasing. Without proper protection, workers are susceptible to life-changing needlestick injuries that can lead to bloodborne pathogens, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

SuperFabric® offers industry-defining needlestick protection. And, unlike most other needle-resistant technology, you don't see a dip in other protective properties when you choose HexArmor®  PointGuard® products. HexArmor® needlestick-resistant products also boast some of the highest cut resistance in the industry.

Featuring the HexArmor® Sharpsmaster II 9014

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