uvex K200 earmuffs

article number: 2600200
  • 28 decibels insulation
  • dielectric

uvex k-series – maximum protection combined with perfect design

The new line of uvex K protective earmuffs – offers an impressive combination of high levels of protection combined with great design: Thanks to their soft surfaces, the earmuffs are easy to mould and comfortable to wear due to their low weight.

General features

  • dielectric earmuffs with length adjustment
  • colour: black, ochre
  • version with 360° headband adjustment

Protection features

  • meets standard EN 352-1
  • 28 decibels insulation – H: 33 dB, M: 25 dB, L: 18 dB
  • suitable for use in workplace environments with exposure to electrical voltage
  • adjustable headband for a perfect fit and optimal protection

Comfort features

  • easily adjustable for a perfect fit
  • range of positions possible with 360° capsule rotation

Specifications uvex K200 earmuffs

Attribute Value
Product family TRANSLATE: uvex K-Series
Product type TRANSLATE: Kapselgehörschützer
Version TRANSLATE: mit 360°-Kopfbandanpassung
Product system Construction
Standards EN 352-1
Insulation value (SNR) TRANSLATE: 28 dB
Colour TRANSLATE: ocker, TRANSLATE: schwarz
Technologies TRANSLATE: Längenverstellung K200, TRANSLATE: sehr leichtes Gewicht, TRANSLATE: Zertifizierung, TRANSLATE: optimale Anpassung, TRANSLATE: 360° drehbar, TRANSLATE: dielektrisch
Segment TRANSLATE: Elektroinstallation


TRANSLATE: Längenverstellung K200
TRANSLATE: Längenverstellung K200

Easily adjustable for a customised fit and optimum protection.

TRANSLATE: sehr leichtes Gewicht
TRANSLATE: sehr leichtes Gewicht

Ultra low weight makes them comfortable even when worn for extended periods.

TRANSLATE: Zertifizierung
TRANSLATE: Zertifizierung

Certified in accordance with EN 352-1, Australian Standard AS/NZS and ANSI.

TRANSLATE: optimale Anpassung
TRANSLATE: optimale Anpassung

Adjustable headband delivers individual fit and customised protection.

TRANSLATE: 360° drehbar
TRANSLATE: 360° drehbar

Range of positions possible with 360° capsule rotation. Earmuffs with a headband can be worn under the chin or around the neck.

TRANSLATE: dielektrisch
TRANSLATE: dielektrisch

Metal-free earmuffs suitable for use in workplace environments with exposure to electrical voltage.

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