An Effective Dust Mask (FFP2) With a Valve Carbon

The uvex com4-air FFP2 V Carbon mask is an exceptionally effective respiratory protection mask that protects against and filters particles from the air before inhalation. As it is a mask that has a rating of FFP2, it is able to filter up to 94% of particles and pollutants from the air. It is fitted with a valve to ensure ease of breathing. It is non-reusable, meaning that it must be thrown away after one use or after being worn for 8 hours.

Product Information

This mask has a cup shape that is fitted with an exhalation valve to reduce breathing resistance and reduce the build of heat and moisture caused by the wearer's exhalation. The soft sealing lip, adjustable and flexible nose clip, continuous headband, and soft material edges ensure that this mask is comfortable and secure. It also has an activated carbon filter that makes it possible to protect against nuisance odours. The combination of these features makes it possible for the wearer to comfortably wear this mask for extended periods of time.

Materials Used

There are a variety of materials that have been used in the manufacturing process to ensure that it provides safety, security, and comfort to the wearer. The materials include cotton and a continuously looped textile for the headband, aluminium for the nose clip, CoolSAFE+, Melt Blown PP, and Polyester for the filter, cotton foam and elastane for the sealing lip, and ABS for the valve.

FFP2 V Carbon Mask Uses

As with all uvex FFP2 masks, this mask is able to provide protection up to 10 times the respective limit values. It is able to filter solid, aqueous and non-volatile liquid aerosols. Some of the pollutants they can provide protection against include but are not limited to; cotton dust, dust, house dust, soot, fluoride, cement, metal smog, and more.The uvex com4-air FFP2 V respiratory protection mask can be used in a multitude of environments. It is able to provide protection against solid, aqueous and non-volatile liquid aerosols. It can even be utilised in areas that have exposure up to 10 times the respective limit values. Harmful pollutants from which it can protect include pollen, soot, concrete, dust, smog, gypsum, and much more.

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