uvex RX Prescription Safety Glasses

The uvex RX prescription safety glasses range

People with individual health needs have very special requirements for personal protective equipment. Together with our partners, we meet these requirements with prescription safety glasses tailored to your specific needs.

uvex believes in providing you with the right solutions for the perfect fit.

Finding the best prescription safety glasses

When working in industries that require safety glasses, it can be challenging when one already wears prescription glasses. Previously one would have to wear safety glasses over one's prescription glasses. This method is not comfortable or safe as the safety glasses do not fit as securely as they should. This has all changed with the introduction of prescription safety glasses.

When searching for the perfect prescription safety glasses keep these aspects in mind.


  • Nose Bridge: The nose bridge should be anatomically shaped while sitting snugly to prevent the glasses from slipping down.
  • Arms: The arms should be designed to prevent slipping. This can be done by having soft and hard components and by including adjustable arms that can be altered in length and inclination.
  • Eye Protection: To ensure protection for your eye, there should be eye shields and eye rim protection to prevent any harmful debris from getting into your eye.
  • Flip-Up Lenses: If you work with machinery that gives off light that could be dangerous to your eyes you should ensure that your prescription safety glasses have a flip-up lens that can provide protection. Some of these options include a didymium lens, a polarised lens, a mineral lens, or a contrast-rich lens.
  • Impact: Lenses should be manufactured with polycarbonate to ensure that your eyes are protected against impact should something hit your glasses and your lens shatters.


Prescription safety glasses in South Africa 

The uvex prescription safety glasses range is available in South Africa. They have been certified according to EN 166 standards and requirements, ensuring that your eyes are protected against harm. All uvex frames and lenses are tested, certified and marked accordingly.


Answering Your Questions

What are prescription safety glasses?

Prescription safety glasses are normal safety glasses that have your prescription lenses built in. This ensures that you still receive all of the necessary protection while not having to struggle with contact lenses or wearing your normal prescription glasses underneath your safety glasses.

Can prescription glasses be used as safety glasses?

Standard prescription glasses cannot be worn for protection purposes as they have not been specially designed to keep debris from getting into your eyes. They are also not designed to protect you against harmful rays and light sources.

Do I have to pay for prescription safety glasses?

Depending on the policies of your company you might be requested to pay for your own prescription safety glasses. Certain medical aid plans will also cover prescription safety glasses.