Bluetooth® Hearing Protection: Introducing the uvex aXess one

Extreme noise is a large concern within the workplace, as exposure to constant loud noises can seriously damage the sensitive and delicate sensory organ known as the ear. Once the ear is damaged or hearing is lost it cannot be repaired. Even though this is a known danger and concern, many choose to forego hearing protection because of discomfort or fear of not hearing important warning calls and signals.

uvex has managed to solve this problem by designing and manufacturing the uvex aXess one Bluetooth® hearing protection headphones. In this article, we will explore hearing protection and the features of the uvex aXess one headphones.

Can Wireless Headphones Be Used As Hearing Protection?

Yes! Wireless headphones can be used as hearing protection. However, they should be specially designed for this purpose. Therefore, you cannot just purchase a normal pair of wireless headphones that have been designed for purposes such as listening to music. Headphones that can be utilised for hearing protection should have certain functionality such as sound level limiters, and impulse noise limiters, as well as meet certain standards such as the  EN 352-1:2002 with certified attenuation value of SNR 31 dB, ANSI S3.19-1974 and AS/NZS 1270:2002 and CSA Z94.2-2014. Your headphones should also be durable enough to withstand harsh working environments found on construction sites, in factories, and more. There should also be a high level of comfort as one will often be required to wear these headphones for extended periods of time.

One of the Best Bluetooth® Hearing Protection Devices

uvex has the perfect solution to protecting your ears while still being able to hear and communicate with colleagues. The uvex aXess one active electronic earmuffs have been specially designed and manufactured to ensure that you receive fantastic hearing protection while at work. Some of its most notable features include:

Real Active Listening: Also referred to as RAL, Real Active Listening allows the user to perceive what is happening around them. Unlike traditional headphones or ear plugs, this model has integrated external surround microphones which allows the wearer to hear important signals and others speaking to them while cutting out and limiting any sudden impulse noise or noise that is of too high a frequency and could cause damage to the ear. 

  • Bluetooth® Connection: The headphones have a Bluetooth® connection built into them which allows them to connect to smartphones. One can therefore receive and make phone calls while still being able to perform tasks with your hands. It also has a large range which means your phone can be stored in a safe place while remaining connected. If required, the headphones can even be connected to two devices at the same time, thanks to the Bluetooth® Dual Mode. 
  • Comfort: The uvex aXess one headphones have been designed with comfort and long wearing times in mind. The memory foam padded headband forms the shape of the head perfectly while creating a secure seal and the earmuff shape ensures a pressure-free fit for the outer ear. The headband is also adjustable to cater for different-sized heads. These features ensure that you will still be comfortable after hours of wearing them. 
  • Durability: As these headphones are to be worn in strenuous environments, they have been manufactured with durability in mind. Whether you are working outdoors or indoors these headphones can handle dusty and damp conditions with ease. 
  • Certified: The uvex aXess one headphones meet EN 352-1:2002 with certified attenuation value of SNR 31 dB. 
  • Easy to Charge: As these headphones are cordless, they do require charging. Luckily they can be charged easily and quickly by making use of a USB Type C connector. If you are not close to an electrical point you will also be able to charge them by making use of a power bank or a car charger. 
  • Mobility: These headphones are perfect for someone who is constantly on the move as they can easily be folded up and stored for transport. 

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