Disposable Coveralls in South Africa 

If you work in an industry that could expose you to dangerous chemicals, particles, liquids or other elements, then you should be wearing a disposable coverall that has been designed to protect you against harm. In this article, we will discuss what to look for in a disposable coverall as well as where you can find a disposable coverall in South Africa.

What Are Disposable Coveralls Used for?

Disposable coveralls are a part of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). These coveralls have been specifically designed to protect the person wearing one from certain harmful fluids, particles, and sprays. Disposable coveralls may only be worn once and cannot be washed and reused as they will no longer be as effective.

Choosing the Correct Disposable Coveralls

Depending on the type of environment you will be working in and the hazardous chemical or particles you will be exposed to, you will choose an appropriate disposable coverall. For example, if you work in the pharmaceutical industry you will require a coverall with different protection values than if you work in a mine or at an automotive paint and body shop.


Some of the dangerous and hazardous elements that coveralls protect against can include airborne dust, biological contaminants, toxic particles, liquid chemicals, infectious diseases and fire-prone elements or even fire itself.

What a Disposable Coverall Should Consist of

When shopping for a suitable disposable coverall that will provide the required protection, it is important to ensure that the coverall is equipped with a variety of features. Some of the features to look out for include.


  • Hood: It is important to have a hood that fits snugly around your head and won't let any hazardous elements into the coverall. This hood should not restrict your view. Ensure that the elastic that secures the hood does not cause discomfort.
  • Zipper Flap: The zipper flap closes over the zipper to ensure an extra layer of protection. These flaps will typically be secured with adhesive tape.
  • Elastic Waistband: The elastic waistband is there to provide a perfect fit. It is important to ensure that this elastic band does not sit too tightly around your waist. 
  • Elastic Arm and Leg Bands: It is important to ensure that your disposable coverall has elastic arm and leg bands. This prevents any dangerous elements from entering the coverall and causing harm to the wearer.
  • Fingerloop: The finger loop is attached to the elastic armband and is there to further prevent the sleeves from moving upward on the arm.

Disposable coverall suits should be worn with other PPE products such as masks, protective eyewear, boots, and gloves.

Disposable Coveralls Price

The price of a disposable coverall will differ depending on the type of coverall and its quality. uvex stocks a variety of disposable coveralls that can be purchased from any of our vendors. To find out more about the uvex disposable coveralls available in South Africa, contact us at uvex.