An Overview of the Best Fire and Rescue Safety Gloves in South Africa

The FireArmor® SR-X® 8180 has been designed with you, the firefighter, in mind. The glove is a structural firefighting glove and made from cow suede leather. It is fitted with an H2X+™ FR moisture barrier on the interior layer to provide water-resistance as well as a 100% Nomex® knit inner liner for 360° heat resistance. To ensure cut resistance as well as add another layer of heat resistance, a Kevlar® liner has been added to the back of the hand. With an added gauntlet cuff to protect against debris and a reinforced thumb saddle and palm patch to provide resistance against abrasion, this fire glove is sure to last and protect its wearer.

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Performance Ratings

  • NFPA 1971: This certification means that you as a firefighter, are provided with protection from thermal, physical, environmental, and bloodborne pathogens that you might encounter while fighting fires and protecting others.
  • SEI 2018 Certification: This certificate indicates that the FireArmor® SR-X® 8180 fire gloves have been approved by the Safety Equipment Institute, and confirms that this product is indeed safe to use and will keep you safe.
  • TPP>60: This is a rating that indicates that the Thermal Protection Performance is greater than 60.

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What Gloves do Firefighters Use? 

HexArmor FireArmor® SR-X® 8180

How Long Are Fire and Rescue Safety Gloves Good for?

With a year-long warranty guaranteeing that no defects exist due to workmanship or faulty materials, the FireArmor® SR-X® 8180 are the best fire and rescue gloves on the market. How long your fire and rescue gloves last depends on the way in which you handle and take care of them, as well as what they have been exposed to.

How to Care for, and Clean Your Fire and Rescue Gloves

There are a few key tips when caring for your FireArmor® SR-X® 8180 gloves.

  • Make use of mild soap and clean with cool water when washing your gloves.
  • It is important to always air dry your gloves to preserve the cow suede leather.
  • Ensure to avoid storing your gloves in the pockets of your turnout gear.
  • Do not expose the gloves to direct sunlight for long periods of time (don't store them in a sunny spot).

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