uvex u-cap sport bump cap

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  • sporty bump cap with innovative hard shell element
  • with long brim for increased sun protection
  • mesh webbing suspension harness
  • freely customisable with print, embroidery and special colours

uvex u-cap sport – sporty, safe, comfortable

Even in areas where helmets are not compulsory, head protection can significantly reduce the risk of injury. And with this innovative bump cap, your employees will look sporty and stylish as they go about their work.

General features

  • sporty bump cap
  • available in size ranges 52 to 54 cm, 55 to 59 cm and 60 to 63 cm
  • can be individually embroidered
  • colour: black

Protection features

  • reliable impact protection in accordance with EN 812
  • innovative hard shell element in "armadillo" design with honeycomb structure and shock-absorbing elements

Comfort features

  • mesh webbing suspension harness

versions available

  • 9794443: size range 52 to 54 cm
  • 9794423: size range 55 to 59 cm
  • 9794425: size range 60 to 63 cm

Specifications uvex u-cap sport bump cap

Attribute Value
Product type TRANSLATE: Anstoßkappe
Product family TRANSLATE: uvex u-cap sport
Version TRANSLATE: Mesh-Gewebe-Innenausstattung, TRANSLATE: mit langem Schirm
Standards TRANSLATE: EN 812
Colour TRANSLATE: schwarz
Size TRANSLATE: 52 bis 54 cm, TRANSLATE: 55 bis 59 cm, TRANSLATE: 60 bis 63 cm
Awards pro-K Award Gold 2015
Product system Construction
Segment TRANSLATE: Straßenbau, TRANSLATE: Beton- und Stuckateurarbeit, TRANSLATE: Klempnerei, Klimatechnik- und Heizungsinstallation, TRANSLATE: Baumaschinenführung, TRANSLATE: Mauerei, Steinmetz, Pflasterarbeit, TRANSLATE: Boden- und Fliesenverlegung, TRANSLATE: Abriss- und Demontagearbeit, TRANSLATE: Maler- und Tapezierarbeit, TRANSLATE: Brücken- und Tunnelbau, Hochstraßenbau



Die Norm behandelt die Anforderungen an physikalische Eigenschaften und Schutzfunktion von Anstoßkappen.

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