Nothing is more important than the safety of people in their day-to-day work! This is why we at uvex are constantly developing our products based on pioneering technologies. The objective: Combining protection, wearer comfort and relief in every product in the best possible way.

Stretch zones

Strategically positioned stretch zones increase freedom of movement as well as improving wearer comfort. The integrated stretching materials are of high quality and maintain their shape.

The stretch zones facilitate energy-saving movements, as around ten times less energy needs to be expended. This reduced energy expenditure helps the wearer achieve a consistently high level of concentration and performance for the entire period of wear. This considerably reduces wearer stress and therefore also reduces the risk of a workplace accident.


uvex banwear+ is a highly developed, permanent flame-retardant protective fabric consisting of 50 % cotton with 49 % polyester and 1 % anti-static fibres. Due to the balanced proportion of cotton and synthetic components, the banwear+ clothing stands out with its dimensional stability, abrasion resistance and colour fastness, as well as its high wearer comfort. The fabric is breathable and hydrophilic (sweat-absorbent). The satin weave ensures a soft touch and low stiffness.

The use of a continuous finishing process facilitates careful handling of the cotton fibres. The Nega-Stat® thread consists of a carbon core coated with polyester and prevents the development of flammable discharge sparks by reducing the build-up of static electricity.


uvex banox+ is a highly developed, permanently flame-retardant protective fabric made of 100 % cotton. The use of a continuous finishing process facilitates careful handling of the cotton fibres. The fabric is breathable and hydrophilic (sweat-absorbent). The satin weave ensures a soft touch and low stiffness. High-quality cotton ensures improved wearer comfort compared to standard flame-retardant fabrics.  

The safety and economic efficiency of the protective clothing are increased through the permanent bonding of the flame-retardant components in the fibre core.

Dirt-repellent equipment

A special coating prevents dirt entering into the fibre. This means that the materials are very easy to wash, oil cannot set in and graphite dust can be easily released from the fabric. The result is long-lasting protection with optimal visibility.

Techno Plissee

The extremely flexible Techno Plissee increases the adaptability of the material: it allows it to stretch approximately four times as much as the base material.


The innovative equipment incorporates two different properties in one material: a hydrophilic inside and a hydrophobic outside.

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Effective moisture transfer from interior to exterior
  • Keeps the body pleasantly warm and dry
  • Effective protection from external moisture and dirt
  • Washable


Silver ions with an antimicrobial effect prevent the multiplication of bacteria on the fabric – ensuring highly effective management of hygiene and freshness:

  • Long-lasting feeling of freshness
  • 95 % effectiveness within the first two hours
  • Supports the natural balance of skin flora
  • Washable

Functional jacket material

  • Double-face technology
  • Bi-elastic (around 30 percent lateral strain at 25 Newton)
  • Consists of SILVERPLUS® and HYBRIDTEX®
  • equipment (hydrophobic/hydrophilic)
  • Restoration elasticity of 99 percent
  • Abrasion-resistant with high amount of polyamide

Disposable coverall material composition: uvex 3B classic

The extremely light and tight spunbond polypropylene laminate provides an effective barrier against many organic and inorganic liquid chemicals. Due to the extremely durable material combined with welded and taped seams, uvex 3B classic provides protection even under heavy use without affecting comfort.

Disposable coverall material composition: uvex 4B

The microporous, spray-tight spunbond polyethylene laminate enables the uvex 4B disposable coverall to provide both protection and breathability. The taped seams provide an outstanding protective seal against liquid aerosols and solid particles, while the spunbond interior fabric ensures it is comfortable to wear.

Disposable coverall material composition: uvex 5/6

uvex 5/6 disposable coveralls are made of a very light, microporous spunbond PE laminate, and ensure high breathability when worn in combination with the SMS spunbond back section. With their bound seams, uvex 5/6 disposable coveralls guarantee a high level of protection against liquid splashes and solid particles.

Disposable coverall material composition: uvex 5/6 climazone

The uvex 5/6 climazone is made from an extremely light and very breathable SMS material that provides a high level of moisture management and exceptional wearer comfort. It also has a high barrier against dust exposure and light spray, providing reliable protection for the wearer.

Disposable coverall material composition: uvex 5/6 FR

The uvex 5/6 FR consists of a flame-retardant, light and very breathable SMS material, which also provides some limited protection against flying sparks. It also provides reliable protection for the wearer with its high barrier against dust exposure and light spray.