forked chin strap

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  • length-adjustable
  • with chin pad
  • for uvex pheos and uvex airwing helmets

uvex helmet accessories: forked chin strap

General features

  • length-adjustable forked chin strap
  • textile strap with snap fasteners for quick attachment
  • eyelets made from robust plastic
  • chin pad

available variants

  • 9790021: for uvex pheos

Specifications forked chin strap

Attribute Value
Product type TRANSLATE: Zubehör
Colour TRANSLATE: schwarz
Product system Construction
Segment TRANSLATE: Straßenbau, TRANSLATE: Elektroinstallation, TRANSLATE: Abwasser- und Rohrleitungsbau, TRANSLATE: Beton- und Stuckateurarbeit, TRANSLATE: Mauerei, Steinmetz, Pflasterarbeit, TRANSLATE: Abriss- und Demontagearbeit, TRANSLATE: Brücken- und Tunnelbau, Hochstraßenbau, TRANSLATE: Bauschlosserei
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