An Overview of the Best Cut-Resistant Safety, Impact Safety Gloves in South Africa

The Rig Lizard® 2025 cut-resistant and impact resistant gloves have been created to provide you with an enhanced grip. This makes them the perfect fit for workers in a multitude of industries, ensuring that you even have grip in the presence of water, oil, mud, and other lubricants.

The glove’s back-of-hand is equipped with HexArmor’s unique IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton ensuring your knuckles and fingers are protected against smash and pinch injuries. It is also fitted with an interior layer made from SuperFabric®, on top of which there is a Durable TP-X+® palm that provides its superior grip. With the al IR-X® guard that is fitted between the thumb and index finger, your hands are sure to be safe in this glove.

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Performance Ratings

The Rig Lizard® 2025 received a level “F” on its TDM-100 Cut-Resistant Test according to EN 388:2016. This means that the amount of cutting load that this glove can withstand is 30+ newtons, with an exact gram score of 3702. It also received a level “A6” on its ANSI/ISEA Cut-Resistant Test.

On its ANSI/ISEA 138 Impact Test, it received a level “1” for both fingers and knuckle impact.

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How to Care for, and Clean Your Gloves

Ensure that your Rig Lizard® gloves last up to 300% longer by caring for them in the correct way.

  • You can decide to either hand wash or machine wash your gloves. Just ensure that you make use of mild soap or cleaner. It is also important to wash your gloves with cool water.
  • Never use bleach on your gloves as this will damage the materials used to manufacture the gloves. 
  • It is advisable to let your gloves air dry indoors and store them in a dry, clean, and cool area that does not receive direct sunlight.

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Understand Your Glove’s Purpose

What Are Impact Gloves?

If you are someone who is at risk of being exposed to high impact on your hands, then you are in need of impact gloves. They will be able to protect your hands from suffering major injuries from high impact incidence. Impact gloves would, for example, be perfect as mechanic gloves or any other application where there is a risk of impact.

What Are Cut-Resistant Gloves?

If your hands are in danger of being slashed, lacerated, or cut, a high-quality cut-resistant glove will protect you. Ensure that you protect your most valuable assets (your hands) from the dangers and occupational hazards that you face.

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