An Overview of The Best Needle Resistant Gloves in South Africa

If you work in an industry that exposes you to potential needlestick injuries, you need to ensure that you are properly protected. Not only could you potentially contract a lifelong disease from a needlestick injury but you could possibly infect your loved ones and have your life change forever. The SharpsMaster II® 9014 offers the best needlestick protection available, in one glove. The shell is made from a cotton blend while the interior layer of the glove consists of industry-leading cut-resistant SuperFabric®* material. Lastly, they also have a wrinkle rubber palm coating that provides a secure grip in slightly oily conditions. 

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Performance Ratings

The cut and puncture resistance on the SharpsMaster II® 9014 is a level “5”. Further, it received a rating of level “A9” in its ANSI/ISEA Cut-Resistant Test as well as 7167 gram score in its TDM-100 Cut-Resistant Test according to EN 388:2016 level “F”. With scores like these, it is easy to see why the SharpsMaster II® 9014 is a preferred glove when it comes to needle protection gloves. These gloves also provides proa high level of abrasion resistance and tear resistance.

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Protect Yourself and Those Around You With;

The SharpsMaster II® 9014

Do They Make Needle Resistant Gloves?

Technically there is no glove that is needle resistant; however, there are gloves that can offer the highest resistance possible against needlestick injuries. It is important to ensure that the gloves you choose, contain multiple layers of material such as SuperFabric®* that will afford you the protection required.

Which Gloves Can Protect Against Syringe Needles? 

The SharpsMaster II® 9014 is a glove that provides its wearer with needle protection, and it will most certainly drastically reduce the chances of a needle sticking you while wearing them. Even though a needle might stick into the glove itself, it will be highly unlikely that the needle will actually break through the glove and pierce the skin. This glove is particularly special as it is a one-glove solution to puncture and needlestick resistance. Thus, you do not have to try and layer gloves made of different materials to try and emulate its functionality.

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