The Importance of a Disposable Chemical Protection Coverall

Disposable coveralls are the perfect way to ensure that your working environment does not negatively affect your workers. Safety should always be the top priority within your business and in this article, we will explain how a disposable chemical protection coverall can address any safety concerns you might have for your workers.

Why one Requires a Disposable Protective Coverall

Working in an industry where one is exposed to many chemicals, particles, and biological substances that are harmful to one's health requires caution. There are laws that determine a variety of safety measures that must be taken in the workplace to ensure that workers are provided with the safest working environment possible. One of these safety measures is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This equipment includes items such as safety glasses, masks, and coveralls that have been specifically designed to prevent a worker from being negatively affected by a hazardous environment.

What Are Chemical-Resistant Coveralls?

Chemical-resistant coveralls are protective coveralls that have been designed to prevent workers from being negatively affected by hazardous chemicals in their working environment. If one comes into direct contact with hazardous chemicals one could experience chemical burns, asthma attacks, and even cancer caused by long-term exposure. Depending on the type of chemical-resistant coverall, protection will be provided against liquid, gas, vapour, aerosol, or solid chemicals.

How to Pick the Correct Chemical-Resistant Coverall

It is important to firstly consider the environment in which one is working and what type of chemicals the individual will be exposed to. Depending on these factors one will search for a coverall that provides adequate protection. It is important to take the material of the coverall into consideration, as well as the design and comfort level it provides. uvex has two variations of chemical-resistant coveralls that are available in South Africa. Each of these provides protection against different types of hazardous chemicals.

uvex 3B classic chemical protection suit

The 3B classic chemical protection suit has been manufactured from a polypropylene non-woven laminated material. It has also been fitted with a polypropylene film for added protection. It is extremely effective against organic and inorganic liquid chemicals. Other measures have also been taken with this suit to provide maximum safety; including ultrasound welding, taped seams, a self-adhesive zipper flap, middle finger loops, and more.

uvex 5/6 classic chemical protection suit

The 5/6 classic chemical protection suit is particle-tight as well as spray-tight to a limited extent. It provides protection against infectious agents such as paint, varnish, and industrial cleaning fumes and chemicals. It is a lightweight and comfortable coverall that has been manufactured by making use of polypropylene non-woven laminated material and an added polyethylene film. This coverall does also provide protection against infectious diseases.

Both the 5/6 classic chemical protection suit and the 3B classic chemical protection suit are disposable chemical protection coveralls and should be discarded after use as they will not provide effective safeguarding afterwards.

Contact uvex to find out more about these disposable chemical-resistant coveralls and how they can provide safety to your workers.