A High-Quality Disposable FFP3 Type Mask

The uvex com4-air FFP3 V mask is the top-of-the-line option that provides up to 99% filtration and protection against pollutants. It houses the most filter material layers out of the masks available for purchase from uvex South Africa and provides its wearer with complete comfort and security. This high-performance mask has a very low breathing resistance and excellent temperature regulation. The mask is non-reusable; thus, it must be removed and disposed of after an 8-hour shift or after one use.

Product Information

This mask boasts a protection level of FFP3 and is fitted with an exhalation valve on the particle-filtering cup-shaped mask. It has also been manufactured to include soft material edges, a soft sealing lip, a flexible nose clip and a continuous headband to ensure that the mask is both comfortable and secure when worn. As the valve pops open when exhaling it ensures that there is no heat and moisture build-up in the mask.

Materials Used

To ensure that the mask provides the protection each wearer deserves, only the best materials have been used for manufacturing. These materials include an aluminium nose clip, a valve made out of ABS, a cotton foam and elastane sealing lip, a headband made out of cotton and continuously looped textile, as well as a filter manufactured from CoolSAFE+, Melt Blown PP, and Polyester.

FFP3 V Face Mask Uses

The FFP3 filtering face mask boasts an impressive filtering capacity in environments up to 30 times the respective limit values. It can also be used to filter against solid, aqueous and non-volatile liquid aerosols. Some of the pollutants it can provide protection from include fungi, viruses, infections, medical waste, enzymes bacteria, nanoparticles, cadmium, beryllium, and much more.

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