Eye protection glasses are one of the most important PPE products when working in environments where dust, liquid, particles, or other hazardous objects could damage one’s eyes. It is also important to ensure that one opts for the correct protection according to the environment one works in.

In this article, we will discuss the uvex i-range and the type of protection that these safety glasses can provide a wearer.

What i-range Safety Glasses Offer the Wearer

These safety glasses have been designed to be worn in a variety of environments and can protect the wearer from a multitude of hazards found within the workplace. What is more, is that the face seal found on the i-guard and i-guard+ are made from recycled materials. Therefore, you know you are contributing to environmental protection when you opt for this range.

Some of the most important features found on the i-range include:

  • Lens: The lens on the i-range has been manufactured with robust polycarbonate to ensure durability and protection. The lens has also been coated with the uvex supravsision coating technology, preventing scratches and allowing for a permanent anti-fogging feature. These lenses have also been created to be flat and provide the wearer with an unrestricted field of vision so that they may see what they are doing at all times. 
  • Side Shield: The side shield on this rage has been extended in order to provide the wearer with a higher level of protection from hazardous materials and particles while working. 
  • Side Arms: With this range, uvex has ensured absolute comfort with ergonomically shaped side arms that allow for a secure fit while preventing too much pressure around the ears and head. As the side arms also have multiple incline-points, the side arms can be fitted and adjusted for each individual, no matter the facial shape or head width. 
  • Face Seal: Both the i-guard and i-guard+ safety glasses have been fitted with a face seal. The face seal is soft and flexible to ensure comfort while protecting against droplets and/or splashes that could occur in the workplace. They also protect against dust particles from entering or coming close to the eye area. 

i-range Safety Glasses Available in South Africa

 The uvex i-range is our new flexible 3in1 safety eyewear range with the right product for virtually any workplace hazard or environment. While they all boast the benefits of an extended side shield, a polycarbonate lens with supravision coating, a soft face seal, and ergonomically shaped side arms, each product in the range has its own benefits and features that should be mentioned.

uvex i-lite

The uvex i-lite has a truly modern design and provides exceptional vision to the wearer. Combined with the extreme comfort, you might even forget you are wearing them, ensuring that you are able to wear them all day long. These safety glasses do provide the wearer with protection against UV radiation and glare that could be harmful to their eyes. Therefore, these are the perfect outdoor eye protection glasses. 

uvex i-guard

The i-guard safety glasses have been awarded the markings of 3 and 4 of EN 166. This means that they protect the wearer from any liquids or particles that could otherwise get into and affect one’s eyes. It also provides the wearer with UV400 protection which means that they can be worn and used outdoors in order to protect the wearer from harmful UV radiation. The frame is also very flexible, comfortable, and will fit a multitude of facial shapes.

uvex i-guard+

The uvex i-guard+ is a safety goggle as it has a headband instead of side arms. The headband provides the wearer with a higher level of impact protection. Therefore, these goggles are perfect for harsh environments where you might have small stones flying around. These goggles have been designed to allow for indirect air ventilation that provides the perfect internal air circulation. While these goggles are typically worn with the headband, they do come with a pair of side arms, should you wish to switch them out for a specific activity or environment.

Where to Find Safety Glasses in South Africa

uvex does have a South African branch and their i-range is carried by a few providers countrywide. Therefore, you will be able to access them anywhere in South Africa. If you would like to find out more about the uvex i-range, contact the uvex team.