When you are required to wear PPE equipment such as safety glasses for extended periods of time, it is important to ensure that you find the most comfortable option that also provides you with the appropriate protection against harmful particles, chemicals, rays, sparks, debris, and more.

In this article, we will discuss whether or not safety glasses should be worn all day, the importance of comfortable safety glasses, and what to look for in outdoor safety glasses. 

Should Safety Glasses Be Worn All Day?

Yes, safety glasses should be worn at all times. They should be worn whenever you are in an environment that could expose your eyes to harmful particles, chemicals, UV rays, sparks, debris, and so forth. If you are constantly in such environments, then you should be wearing safety glasses all day long. There will be no negative side effects to wearing these PPE products for extended periods of time. However, if one will be wearing such safety glasses all day long, it is important to find glasses that are comfortable and fit you perfectly. uvex has a variety of safety glasses that are suitable for different types of working environments.

The Importance of Comfortable Safety Glasses

While working outdoors in the sun or in a hot factory, one will move around quite a bit and will often sweat as a result. The last thing one wants is for one's safety glasses to slip down your nose or fall off and expose your eyes to danger. It is therefore important that one finds safety glasses that fit snugly. However, they should not fit so tightly that they push on your nose, ears, or head. One, therefore, wants to ensure that comfort padding has been incorporated into the design of the safety glasses. This padding should also prevent one’s glasses from slipping.

Ensuring that you have comfortable safety glasses will also encourage you to wear them when required, which will prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring. A perfect fit will also allow you to focus on the task at hand instead of fidgeting with your safety glasses to constantly adjust them.

What to Look for in Outdoor Safety Glasses 

If you work outdoors and are constantly exposed to harmful UVA, UVB and UVC UV and UVB rays as well as particles, dust, and dirt then the uvex suXXeed safety glasses range is the perfect option for you. These safety glasses provide protection against UVA, and UVB and UVC radiation up to 400 nm, preventing your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes from experiencing damage. The lenses on this range make use of the uvex supravision coating to prevent scratching and fogging of the lense, ensuring you can always see perfectly. They have been designed to provide comfort to the wearer over long periods of time and are fitted with soft material on the nose pad as well as where the arms rest on the ear. Both the nose pads and the arms are adjustable to ensure the wearer gets the perfect fit. Both of the suXXeed safety glasses offered by uvex South Africa have been tested, and depending on the option, they adhere to the standards EN 166 and EN 170 or EN 166 and EN 172.

Visit the uvex South Africa website to find the perfect pair of safety glasses for your indoor and outdoor working environment.